Lymington and Pennington Neighbourhood Plan

Draft Vision and Objectives


Vision for Lymington and Pennington in 2036

• A growing town with a younger, economically active population
• A thriving town centre exploiting its heritage, marine and tourism appeal to differentiate itself from other towns in the Forest
• A green town well connected to the surrounding coast and countryside
• A self-contained town able to meet all its community health, education and recreational needs
• A delightful town of distinct local areas and streets successfully blending the old with the new
• A sustainable town that contains its impacts on the high-quality biodiversity and Green Belt that surround it”.


• Minimise the effects of development on the Green Belt by focussing development in the town centre
• Successfully integrate major developments into the town
• Plan for housing types to suit the needs of younger households
• Increase town centre leisure and cultural space to encourage visitors into the Town
• Raise design standards of new development to reinforce local character and to address climate change and nature recovery
• Protect green assets and improve connectivity to the wider rural hinterland
• Increase provision of smaller business offices /workshops to meet local needs