Neighbourhood Plan Team

The Neighbourhood Plan Team consists of a Steering Group created to make decisions and liaise with members of the community and working groups that look into different aspects supporting the potential development in our area.  The Working Groups comprise of local residents who live and work in the Town Council's area and have a particular skill in or interest in their respective Working Group.

The Steering Group

Councillor Jack Davies - Chair of the Steering Group
Councillor Alan Penson
Councillor Simon Morgan
Councillor Hannah Phillips
Councillor Barry Dunning
Councillor Colm McCarthy
Councillor Martina Humber

Working Groups

Green infrastructure - investigating the impact on the green infrastructure in our area.  Look at potential to improve and create green links to the developments.  
Design and Heritage - investigating the impact the developments would have on local heritage and creating design statements for new developments to ensure the character of Lymington and Pennington is continued appropriately. 
Strategic Sites - investigating the strategic sites proposed by the Local Plan, working with the developers on the sites to ensure that a masterplan framework for the area is appropriate for the local community.  Establishing potential smaller sites for development and extensive research into the dwelling type and mix.
Business, Tourism and Employment  - Review employment land, economic development and tourism promotion. 
Social Infrastructure - review current community services, schools and GP,  investigate the impact the development would have on all the services and find solutions to ensuring protection for all social infrastructure. 

Transport and Roads - investigate the public transport and the impact development would have on the network.  Liaise with Hampshire County Council to investigate the impact development will have on the road infrastructure.

Town Centre - discuss the high street and surrounding areas and put forward a vision for the Town Centre

Steering Group Minutes